TRIHILL Partners has 5 investment principles and strategies:

 1.All investment asset classes are subject to cycles with changes in underlying supply and demand fundamentals in markets. 

 "TRIHILL Partners pays attention to these changes which will help us to source and originate investment opportunities at any point of the cycles. "

2. Distinguishable short, medium long-term trends in markets. 

" TRIHILL Partners identifies these trends, take long-term perspective and adopt investment strategies along with these trends – this approach helps us to reduce investment risks."  

3. Importance of “location, location, location” for real estate investment. 

" TRIHILL Partners focuses locations where regentrification and rezoning processes are currently or potentially underway." 

4. In regardless of cycles and locations, value of individual real estate assets can be still improved. 

" TRIHILL Partners finds ways to improve real estate values further by re-positioning, re-leasing, effective outgoings management, and unlocking development opportunities and potentials." 

5. Your success is our success. 

" TRIHILL Partners yields strategic thinking to provide the most effective, flexible funding solutions to our partners and strong, risk-adjusted returns to our clients."