The true pioneer of sourcing funding, arranging and managing real estate investment and financing transactions

- TRIHILL Partners is a multi-disciplinary and highly-experienced investment manager that specialises in alternative investment asset class including real estate, infrastructure and SME lending. 

- TRIHILL Partners capitalises on strong local market knowledge, deep industry contacts and the experiences of challenges and successes to generate outstanding returns to our clients.

- TRIHILL Partners’ philosophy is to create a genuine partnership that builds up over time like the rings of trees growing over winter, and share the fruits of this journey with our clients. 

- TRIHILL Partners’ key members have successfully completed on more than US$1 billion in transactions across US, Europe and Asia. 

 - TRIHILL Partners has created unique and exceptional opportunities for our clients including a sovereign funds, financial institutions, private family investors and high-net-worth individuals. 

 - TRIHILL Partners has built long-term and trusted relationships with our clients.

TRIHILL Partners is a solution for asset management.

Investment Management

- TRIHILL Partners has invested equity and debt across the full capital structure and risk spectrum. - TRIHILL Partners manages a number of investment funds with a focus on risk mitigation through institutional-grade risk assessment, governance and operation platforms. 

- TRIHILL Partners has provided most effective, flexible funding solutions to our partners and strong, risk-adjusted returns to our clients.

Investment Advisory

- TRIHILL Partners also provides Investment Advisory service to our clients with deep depth of experiences, market-knowledge and local expertise. 
- TRIHILL Partners identifies and originates unique investment opportunities with its local specialists and a thorough screening process.